Tr File in Ns2

In general, the result of simulation based on Ns2 is defined as the provision of trace file along with the extension of .tr which includes the detailed information about all the occurred events.

Ns2 Code for Tr File Generation

For your reference, our technical programmers have highlighted the sample code based on network simulator 2 for the Tr file generation.

  • Sample tcl code to declare the tr file generation object and generate tr file

set tracefd                   [open w]

$ns trace-all $tracefd

  • Sample tcl code for awk script execution based on generated tr file

exec awk -f Consuming_Energy.awk >

exec awk -f End_to_End_Delay.awk >

Run Ns2 Tcl File

We have to run the Ns2 Tcl main file to generate the tr file which is based on Ns2 simulation through executing the following commands.

cd /home/research/Desktop/NS2_simulation

sudo ./ns Scenario-2.tcl

Run Ns2 Tcl File

As an additional note, we have highlighted the acquired results based on the generated tr file.

Result of Generated Tr file

To conclude this article, we are assuring that we provide the complete research assistance based on the execution of tr file in network simulator 2.