Underwater Sensor Network (UWSN) Simulation Using Ns-2

Our research experts have enlisted the step by step process of executing underwater sensor network (UWSN) simulation using Ns2 through this article. Let’s start this article with the keynotes of UWSN simulation.

UWSN Simulation

The UWSN is deployed to collect the data on variety of parameters including water depth, salinity and temperature which can be deployed for the wide range of applications such as underwater navigation, ocean exploration and environmental monitoring.

UWSN Simulation Using Ns2

The Aqua-sim is defined as the Ns2 based simulator to simulate the underwater sensor networks. In addition, it simulates the routing, packet collisions and acoustic signal attenuation in the underwater sensor networks.

Download and Install Aqua-Sim

At this moment, we have to download the Ns2 based Aqua-Sim from the below mentioned URL.


Link to Download Ns2 Based Aqua-Sim

While completing the process of downloading, we have to unzip Aqua-Sim-1.0.tgz and you acquire the folder which is named as Aqua-Sim-1.0. Then, we have to change the location and execute the below mentioned commands to install the packages.

cd /home/research/Aqua-Sim-1.0


Installation of Ns2 Based Aqua-Sim

UWSN Routing Protocols

For your ease, we have highlighted some list of protocols which are deployed in the network simulator 2.

  • Depth based routing (DBR)
  • UWFlooding
  • Hop-by-hop VBF (HH-VBF)
  • Vector based forwarding (VBF)

To conclude this article, we hope that we offered the required information to execute UWSN simulation and you can reach to aid more processes based on Ns2.