VANET Based Projects are implemented in our research concern for students and scholars from various parts of the world. We have developed nearly 1000+ Vanet projects in an only motive to create the seeds of innovation in the minds of young scholars. We have successfully completed 10+ years of service and have served nearly 5000+ students from 120+ countries. Our successful stories reflect our work quality and standard, which makes us world no.1 institute today with 50+ branches. VANET is one of the recent fields of research due to its vast research scope and emerging research issues.

We offer complete support for the accomplishment of VANET based projects along with additional project needs like complete Report, implementation plan and coding, journal publication support and conference paper writing service. Approach us with your project needs to aid our right guidance for your dazzling future. Now, let’s have a glance over few basic algorithms used in VANET projects along with its recent research topics.

Few Recent algorithms used in VANET-projects:
  • Fault Diagnosis algorithm
  • Genetic algorithm
  • Ant Colony Optimization algorithms
  • ABC algorithm using Android mobiles.
  • Low complexity and approximate fair active queue management algorithm
  • Caching Algorithms for performance evaluation
  • Cache replacement algorithms
Recent Research topics for VANET-projects:
  • The usage of a graph coloring resource sharing scheme also for full-duplex cellular-VANET heterogeneous networks
  • The performance of an Energy Efficient Data Dissemination and also Information Retrieval Scheme for VANET
  • The process of Information Delivery in VANET also based on Energy Efficiency Analysis of a Roadside Relay Point Deployment
  • A new technique also for a demand based unicast data dissemination scheme in VANET
  • The performance of throughput improvement also in VANET based on Priority based control channel access scheme
  • A new method for the Enhancement and also Analysis of VANET One-Hop Event-Driven Emergency Services
  • A novel approach GPU accelerated ray launching also for high-fidelity virtual test drives of VANET applications
  • A new technology also for Network codes-based content-centric transmission control in VANET
  • An efficient usage of multilingual translation also used for Secure communication with privacy preservation in VANET
  • An efficient technology process on Semantic and also self-decision geo cast protocol for data dissemination over VANET
  • The process of Reducing Packet Collisions in VANET by also using a Prediction-based TDMA MAC Protocol
  • A new mechanism also for Providing entertainment app locations in VANET environments
  • A new scheme for Tomographic reconstruction of RF propagation to aid VANET routing also in urban canyons
  • The performance of Cooperative Data Scheduling also in Hybrid Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks based on VANET as a Software Defined Network
  • A new technology for Speed-dependent autonomous beam width variation for VANET safety applications

          These are the few recent research topics accomplished in our research concern by our dedicated developers and experts. For further topic assistance or project guidance support, approach us through our online service. We are here to serve your project needs at 24/7.