What are the Features of Ns2

Through this article, our well equipped research professionals have highlighted the most significant features of network simulator 2.

  • Network simulator 2 is defined as the object oriented discrete event driven network simulation tool
  • In addition, the network simulator 2 is functioning based on two languages which are object oriented simulator that is written in C++ and OTcl interpreter that is deployed to execute user command scripts
  • The network simulator 2 is designed to simulate the various IP networks and Ns2 is supportive for the simulation based on various technologies such as
  • Ad hoc networks
  • MPLS
  • RSRV
  • Mobile IPv6
  • GRPS
  • To make the VANET simulation process, the simulation of Urban mobility (SUMO) tool is integrated with network simulator 2
  • The projects based on Ns2 is defined as the part of virtual internet test bed (VINT) project which develops the tools to acquire the simulation results display, converters and analysis

We hope that we covered all the notable features of network simulator 2, if you people have any issues in the above mentioned features then feel free to contact us to clarify your doubts.