What are the Key Steps in Ns2 Simulation for Wireless Network

Are you guys want to know about the significant steps that have been used for the creation of wireless network using network simulator 2? Then, you people can reach us to acquire a lot about the steps that have been deployed in the creation process.

  • As the first process, we have to initialize the configuration variables such as
  • Queue type
  • Antenna
  • Radio propagation antenna
  • Channel type
  • Following that, we have to create the simulator object
  • After the creation of simulator object, we have to create both the tracing and animation file
  • Then, we have to create the topography object
  • At that point, we have to create general operations director (GOD) object
  • As the consequent process, we have to create the nodes along with the utilization of simulator object
  • Then, the channel is created for the specification of communication path
  • Proceeding with that, we have to initialize the position of wireless node location
  • Following that, the mobility of nodes are initialized through using the parameters such as
  • Speed
  • Node ID
  • Time
  • The creation of agents based on traffic models to create the communication such as
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • Finally, we can run the simulation through the execution of below mentioned commands

sudo ./ns SimulatinoFile.tcl

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