What Does Ns2 Mean

Do you have any knowledge about network simulator 2? If no, no worries!!! In this article, we have provided the required data about network simulator 2.

In general, the Ns2 is abbreviated as network simulator version 2 and it is the open source event driven simulator which is specifically designed for the research based on computer communication networks.

  • Ns2 supporting protocols
  • DSR
  • UDP
  • FTP
  • TCP
  • Languages in Ns2
  • Most significantly, Ns2 includes two significant key languages such as
  • Object oriented tool command language (OTcl)
  • C++

On the other hand, our technical professionals have highlighted about the AGT and RTR in network simulator 2. These naming conventions are deployed in trace file format of network simulator 2 and here AGT is defined as application layer protocol for the indication of transport layer packet. Then, RTR is denoted as the routing protocols at network layer. In addition, we have highlighted some sample RTR formats in trace file such as.

  • The packet has expired
  • TTL has reached zero
  • There is a routing loop
  • No route is available

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