What is Awk File in Ns2

We are presenting you guys the marque new article that is all about the process of implementing the awk network simulator 2.

Awk File in Ns2

Most significantly, the awk scripts are deployed to process the data from the Ns2 trace file and that is stored along with the file extension .tr. In addition, the awk file in Ns2 is deployed to calculate the performance metrics such as,

  • Consuming energy
  • End to end delay packet delivery ratio
  • Throughput

Moreover, we have highlighted the sample code to call the awk script in network simulator 2.

exec awk -f Interference.awk Spectrum_Sensing.tr > pro_Interference_Ratio.tr

Run awk File in Ns2

To run the awk file in network simulator 2 in Ubuntu, we have to change the main file location of network simulator 2 and implement the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/Desktop/ns2_simulation

sudo ./ns awk_based_main.tcl

Changing Main File Location

At this point, we have highlighted the result which is acquired through running the Ns2 trace file which is based on awk script in Ubuntu.

Result of Running Ns2 Trace File

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