What is Nam File in Ns2

The network animator (Nam) is defined as the animation tool which is deployed to view the graphical animation based network simulation traces based on the TCL / TK process. Then, we can read the input file and draw the network events graphically which are using the Nam file. In addition to that, the Nam file is deployed to visualize the progression of packets through the network.

Generate Nam Trace File Using Ns2

To generate the Nam trace file using Ns2, we have to change the Ns2 main file location and implement the commands that have been highlighted in the following to run the main file in Ubuntu which is based on network simulator 2.

cd /home/research/trace_file_in_ns2

sudo ./ns main.tcl

Generation of Nam Trace File

Following that, the Ns2 simulation based auto generated nam trace file and that is stored along with the file extension of .nam.

At the end of this article, we hope that we have provided the enough data about the execution of Nam file mainly in the simulation based on network simulator 2.