What is Ns2 Cloud

Mainly, the network simulator 2 (Ns2) is deployed in cloud to secure the client data based the components which are highlighted in the following,

  • Data sovereignty
  • Data residency
  • Data access

In addition to that, the libraries based on network simulator 2 are used for energy aware data centers to the cloud computing and it includes the models in various entities for the communication and energy consumption based on cloud such as,

  • Links
  • Switches
  • Servers

Following that, we have highlighted the TCL code for cloud as the reference for the research scholars. Most significantly, this Ns2 code is to make connect with the cloud entities and transfer the information.

  for {set j 0} {$j < [expr 2*$top(NCore)] } {incr j} {

                  $ns duplex-link $switch_C1_($i) $switch_C2_($j) $top(bw_C1C2) $top(ptime_C1C2) DropTail

                  if { $sim(linkload_stats) == “enabled” } {

                          set qmon_C1_C2_($i-$j) [$ns monitor-queue $switch_C1_($i) $switch_C2_($j) “”]

                          set qmon_C2_C1_($j-$i) [$ns monitor-queue $switch_C2_($j) $switch_C1_($i) “”]



As the final note, we hope that we have provided the enough data about network simulator 2 in cloud. If you have any issues in this the highlighted data, then you can reach us at any time to clarify your doubts.