What is Ns2 Coding

Here, we have provided the required data about the process of writing source code based on network simulator 2 with all the required data this process.

Ns2 Code to Create Wireless Network

Here, we have highlighted the sample source code based on network simulator 2 to create the cellular topology in wireless network.

  • Creation of topology

  global ns nodes qm

  $ns duplex-link $nodes(bs) $nodes(ms) 1 1 $qm

  $ns duplex-link $nodes(lp) $nodes(ms) 3Mbps 10ms DropTail

  $ns duplex-link $nodes(bs) $nodes(is) 3Mbps 50ms DropTail

  puts “cell topology”

  • Mobile nodes configuration

  $ns node-config -wiredRouting OFF

  set nodes(lp) [$ns node {1.0.1}]

  $nodes(lp) random-motion 0

  $nodes(lp) set X_ 2.0

  $nodes(lp) set Y_ 2.0

  $nodes(lp) set Z_ 0.0

  $nodes(lp) base-station [AddrParams addr2id [$nodes(ms) node-addr]]

Research Areas in Wireless Network

For your ease, we have highlighted some of the innovative research areas in wireless network and these are functioning with Ns2 support.

  • Wireless security
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Under water acoustic networks
  • Satellite network
  • Vehicular ad hoc network
  • Wireless ad hoc networks

At this end, the research scholars can write source code based on network simulator 2 by their own. If you have any queries then reach us.