What is Ns2 Company

As the general note, network simulator 2 is defined as one of the simulation tools and it is deployed to simulate the network scenarios and analyze the results based on various network factors such as,

  • Latency
  • Energy consumption
  • Throughput
  • Packet delivery ratio (PDR)

In addition, the work flow based on the simulation scenarios are functioning based on the proposed research concepts and algorithms.

Required Steps to Write Simulation Script

At this moment, we have to know about the essential steps to write the simulation script based on network simulator 2.

  • As first process, we have to create the new simulator object
  • Following that, we have to turn on the tracing process
  • Then, we have to create the network based on physical layer process
  • After completing the network creation, we have to create link and queue as per the data link layer process
  • Then, we have to define the routing protocol
  • While completing the definition process, we have to create the transport connection based on transport layer process
  • At that point, we have to create the traffic based on application layer process
  • When it is required, we have to create the C++ module for the new protocol

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