What is Ns2 in Ad Hoc

In this article, our research professionals have highlighted enough data about the deployment of network simulator 2 in ad hoc networks. Come let’s have a look at this article to know the significance of Ns2 in ad hoc.

Overview of Ns2 in Ad Hoc Network

The individual devices in ad hoc network include the capability to communicate with all the other devices directly. Then, the types of Ns2 supported ad hoc networks are highlighted in the following.

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs)
  • Wireless mesh networks

Through the utilization of network simulator 2, we have to perform the multiple node creation and communication model using constant bit rate (CBR) and user datagram protocol (UDP).

Configuration Parameters in Ad Hoc

Here, we have highlighted the substantial configuration parameters that are used in ad hoc network.

  • Time of simulation end
  • Routing protocol
  • Antenna model
  • Interface queue type
  • Network interface type
  • Channel type

Ad Hoc Network Project Using Ns2

For your reference, our technical professionals have highlighted the innovative research topics based on ad hoc network using network simulator 2.

  • Towards designing a trusted routing scheme in wireless sensor networks
  • Efficient selection of routing in MANET using ZRP
  • Enhanced MANET security using artificial immune system (AIS) based danger theory to detect selfish nodes

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