What is Ns2 in WSN

In general, the network simulator 2 is popularly known as Ns2 and the Ns2 simulation is deployed to design the wireless sensor network (WSN) which is based on the energy components along with the utilization of cryptography algorithms to the security information. In addition, the energy components are highlighted in the following.

  • idlePower
  • rxPower
  • txPower
  • initialEnergy

Research Areas in WSN using Ns2

For your ease, we have highlighted some of the innovative research areas based on wireless sensor network using network simulator 2.

  • Congestion reduction and QOS improvement
  • Clustering and routing
  • Enhancing lifetime of sensors
  • Data aggregation and also dissemination
  • Coverage hole detection
  • Energy management based routing
  • Enhancing security and intrusion detection

Configuration Parameters for WSN

At this point, we have highlighted some configuration parameters that are used to configure the ad hoc sensor network.

  • X and Y dimension of topography
  • Number of sensor nodes
  • Link layer type
  • MAC type
  • Radio propagation model

Moreover, our technical professionals have provided the enough about of data about the functionalities of network simulator 2 in wireless sensor network. But if you guys feel stuck somewhere, then feel free to reach us at any time.