What is Ns2 in XML

Most significantly, our research professionals have years of experience in this filed through that experience we have derived this article which is about the significant note based on network simulator 2 in XML.

Keynotes about Ns2 in XML

In general, Ns2 is denoted as the powerful XML processing tool which enables the users to access and manipulate the data in the XML documents. In addition, network simulator 2 provides the notable way to add the additional structure towards the XML document. For your ease, we have highlighted the sample Ns2 cod in XML.


<a:inner attr=”yes”/>


Get XML Element Value with Ns2

In addition to that, the sample code to get the XML element value with Ns2 for the extraction of error messages from the SOAP web servie response.

<ns2:dsSessionContext xmlns:ns2=”urn:schemas-qad-com:xml-services:common”>







Execute XML with TCL in Ns2

Then, we have to execute the below mentioned commands to implement XML with TCL in Ns2 to perform the sumo based VANET process.

cd /home/research/NS2_with_XML

sudo ./traceExporter.py –fcd-input guindy.sumo.xml –ns2config-output guindy.tcl –ns2activity-output activity.tcl –ns2mobility-output mobility.tcl

Execution of XML with TCL in Ns2

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