What is Ns2 Programming

The article “what is Ns2 programming” is about the depiction of running the programming code based on network simulator 2.

Ns2 Programming in Wireless Network

In general, the Ns2 programming code is deployed for the packet multicast configuration in wireless network simulation in the Ns2 programming code which is stored in Ns-2.35.

static class CtrMcastEncapclass : public TclClass {


            CtrMcastEncapclass() : TclClass(“Agent/CtrMcast/Encap”) {}

            TclObject* create(int, const char*const*) {

                        return (new CtrMcastEncap);


} class_CtrMcastEncap;

In addition to that, we have highlighted the code which is deployed to control the packet receiver.

void CtrMcastEncap::recv(Packet* p, Handler*)


            hdr_CtrMcast* ch = hdr_CtrMcast::access(p);

            ch->src() = ih->saddr();

            ch->group() = ih->daddr();

            ch->flowid() = ih->flowid();



Run Ns2 Programming

Following that, we have to change the project location and implement the network simulation main file with 30 wireless nodes through implementing the following commands to run the Ns2 programming code.

cd /home/research/NS2_programming

sudo ./ns NS2_programming.tcl

Run Ns2 Programming

As this moment, we have highlighted the result which is acquired through the process of running Ns2 programming code.

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