What is Ns2 Simulator and Its Features

In general, the network simulator 2 is defined as the discrete event simulator in the networking research field. Now, let’s have a look about the substantial features based on network simulator 2.

  • As the matter of fact, network simulator 2 is deployed to simulate both the wired and wireless network along with that it uses the command line interface as the user interface
  • In addition, it uses TCL as the scripting languages such as
  • Otcl
  • It is about the object oriented support
  • Tclcl
  • Linkage of C++ and Otcl

On the other hand, we have described the process of creating random traffic pattern using Ns2. Over the utilization of network simulator 2, we can create the creating random traffic pattern mainly for the wireless scenarios based on below mentioned syntax.

ns cbrgen.tcl [-type cbr|tcp] [-nn nodes] [-seed seed] [-mc connections] [-rate rate]

Here, Cbrgen.tcl is defined as the script based on traffic generator to generate the TCP or CBR traffic.

In addition, the sample command is used to create the maximum 8 TCP connections among the 25 nodes.

ns cbrgen.tcl -type tcp -nn 25 -seed 0.0 -mc 8 -rate 1.0

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