What is Ns2 Used For

Network simulator 2 is denoted as the discrete event network simulator and it is mainly deployed in the research and academic spectrum. Now, let’s take a glance over the significant utilizations of network simulator 2.

Mainly, Ns2 is used to create the simulation projects in the areas such as satellite communication, WSN, VANET and MANET areas. In addition, the implementation of Ns2 includes routing and transport protocols such as DSDV, AODV, DSR, UDP and TCP.

Here, we have listed some basic commands based on OTcl script for the creation and configuration of network entities.

  • $ns stop
  • This command stops the simulation at a specific time or event
  • $ns run
  • This command starts the simulation
  • $ns drop-tail
  • This command sets the queue management algorithm to DropTail
  • $ns simplex−link
  • This command creates a unidirectional link between two nodes
  • $ns duplex−link
  • This command creates a duplex link between two nodes
  • set n[i] [$ns node]
  • This command creates a new node
  • set ns [new Simulator]
  • This command creates a new Simulator object

The research scholars can ping us at any time to elucidate their discomforts based on the utilization of network simulator 2.