What is the Difference Between Ns2 and Packet Tracer Which One Should Anyone Prefer and Why

Come let’s have a look at the significant differentiations among the network simulator 2 and packet tracer.

Firstly, network simulator 2 is deployed in the process of working in the network related research simulation project. In addition, it gives the real topological scenario of network and supportive for the simulations such as,

  • SDN
  • WSN

Then that packet tracer permits the users to design, configure and emulate the network topologies in the virtual environment and mainly it is supportive to cisco networking commands.

Preference for Ns2 and Packet Tracer

Mostly, we prefer the Ns2 because it is capable to make simulation with the whole network configuration. But the packet tracer is capable to configure only the router or switch. In addition to that, Ns2 is used to simulate the real features of the router or switches in the networking device over the utilization of packet tracer which is capable to emulate only the router or switch.

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