What is the Input File Given to Ns2

Most significantly, the network simulator 2 is defined as the discrete event simulator which is written in C++ along with the OTcl interpreter shell as the user interface.

In addition, it permits the input model files such as the Tcl scripts which have to be executed. Then, the network simulator 2 users the .tcl files to view the simulation of network.

Compile and Run File in Ns2

To compile and run the files in network simulator 2, we have to create the C++ based input source file which is stored in the Ns2 source location for instance Ns 2.35.

In C++, We have to write the source code to acquire the user defined inputs and perform the inputs based on the processes through the utilization of proposed algorithms and methods. To compile the code C++, we have to insert the new source files with the location in makefile.in.

Finally, we have to create the Tcl file in the project location and write the code for node and network configuration to run the Tcl file over the execution of below mentioned commands.

ns FileName.tcl

We hope that we have provided the enough data based on input file which is essential to compile and run the network simulator 2. If you people are not yet clarified, then reach us.