Where is Ns2 Used

In general, network simulator 2 is functional in various processes and this article is about the depiction of the highlights of Ns2 utilization.

Usage of Network Simulator 2

The network simulator 2 is extensively renowned and employed open source event driven simulator to develop the simulation models in wired and wireless networks. In addition, it is deployed to simulate the network components and protocols functioning in wired and wireless networks and the protocols such as,

  • Traffic sources
  • CBR
  • FTP
  • UDP
  • TCP

Notable Areas based on Network Simulator 2

For your ease, our research professionals have highlighted the list of project areas which are developed and simulated using network simulator 2.

  • UWSN
  • CRN
  • WSAN
  • WSN
  • SDN

Topical Research Topics Using Ns2

In the following, we have highlighted the significant research project topics using network simulator 2.

  • Simulation of priority based admission control mechanism of 802.11e under Ns2
  • Message flooding simulation under wireless network using Ns2
  • Secure packet transmission using fuzzy logic in Ns 2 using Fyzzylite library
  • An efficient software defined networking (SDN) based VoIP

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