Which are Scripts Used in Ns2

In the process of Ns2 simulation, some of the scripts were used for the execution process and we have highlighted the list of languages that are functional in Ns2.

  • Awk
  • It is the script file which is used to generate the graph values based on Ns2 simulation trace file
  • Nam
  • It is denoted as the Ns2 simulation based auto generated trace
  • Tcl
  • The Tcl script language is mainly used to create the main file
  • C++
  • C++ is deployed to create the source file for the protocols and other processes

Create Simulation in Ns2 Using Scripts

We have to create the Ns2 simulation main file using Tcl script and the awk script is also deployed to generate the graph to calculate the throughput delay and other parameters.

Simulation Creation in Ns2

Run Simulation in Ns2 Using Scripts

Here, we have to run the simulation based on network simulator 2 using the scripts through the execution of below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/script_in_ns2

sudo ./ns main.tcl

Running Ns2 Simulation

Consequently, we have highlighted the result which is acquired through running simulation in network simulator 2 using the scripts.

       If you people have any issues while executing the Ns2 simulation, then reach us at any time.