Which is an Example of Network Simulator Tcl Ns2 C++

Over this article, we can acquire the finest examples for network simulator 2 based Tcl along with the utilization of C++.

Example of Network Simulator

The network simulator 2 is an example of various network simulators and in this we use two programming languages to make the simulation codes such as OTcl and C++.

Simulation Code in Ns2

In network simulator 2, we can write the C++ based code in the source code file which is stored along with the file extension .cc.

  • C++ based code in Ns2 to initialize the TORA protocol

toraAgentclass() : TclClass(“Agent/TORA”) {}

            TclObject* create(int argc, const char*const* argv) {

                        assert(argc == 5);

                        return (new toraAgent((nsaddr_t) atoi(argv[4])));


  • OTcl / Tcl script code in Ns2 to call functions in the C++ based files and they are stored along with the file extension of .tcl

            cbrval $startval $stopval 

            communication $startval3

            JointMode $startval4

            ChannelAllocation $startval5

            packetTrans $startval6

To this end, we are promising that we provide the complete research assistance based on the execution of Ns2 simulation using C++.