Which One is Most Suitable for WSN Simulation, Ns2 or Matlab

Our technical experts have advised that the network simulator 2 is suitable for wireless senor network (WSN) simulation. In addition, we have described the reason for the above mentioned statement.

Network simulator 2 is defined as the open source tool which is designed to perform the simulation in both the wired and wireless network along with the dynamic node configuration using the Tcl file.

In Matlab and Simulink, we can utilize the default build in configuration tools to build the simulation process. On the other hand, the dynamic user defined configurations were cannot be used while using Matlab.

While comparing Matlab with network simulator 2, Ns2 is defined as the most suitable and user friendly simulation tool for the wireless sensor network.

WSN Configuration Parameters in Ns2

In addition to that, we have highlighted some configuration parameters based on WSN in Ns2.

  • Energy model
  • Time of simulation end
  • X and Y dimension of topography
  • Routing protocol
  • Number of mobile nodes
  • Max packet in interface queue
  • Antenna model
  • Link layer type
  • Interface queue type
  • MAC type
  • Network interface type
  • Radio propagation model
  • Channel type

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