Which Protocol Does Ns2 Support

This article is about the depiction of the protocols that are deployed in the Ns2 simulator. Let’s take a look over the significant list of protocols.

In general, the network simulator 2 is defined as the simulation package which is supportive for various protocols such as,

  • Puma
  • Tora
  • Mpls
  • Mdart
  • Aomdv

In addition, the above mentioned protocols are capable to be modeled using the packages. The source code of the protocols is stored in the Ns2.35 folder.

List of Protocols in Network Simulator 2

Moreover, our technical experts have highlighted the list of protocols which are used in the execution of network simulator 2 based processes.

  • Trivial file transfer protocol (TFTP)
  • Simple network management protocol (SNMP)
  • Point to point tunnelling protocol (PPTP)
  • Layer two tunnelling protocol (L2TP)
  • Route access protocol (RAP)
  • Resource location protocol (RLP)
  • Real time transport protocol (RTP)
  • Session initiation protocol (SIP)
  • Internet message access protocol (IMAP4)
  • Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)
  • Address resolution protocol (ARP)

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