Which Protocol Model is Used in ns2

Let’s have quick overview about the significance of protocol models in network simulator 2. Here, we are to start with the list about the protocol models in network simulator 2.

Protocol Model in Ns2

Network simulator 2 is define as the simulation package which is supportive for various network protocols such as HTTP, UDP and TCP are modeled through the utilization of packages.

  • Source code location of protocols
  • HTTP
  • ../ns-2.35/webcache/http.cc and http.h
  • UDP
  • ../ns-2.35/apps/udp.cc and udp.h
  • TCP
  • ../ns-2.35/tcp/tcp.cc and tcp.h
  • Supportive network layer protocols
  • Internet control message protocol (ICMP)
  • Internet protocol (IP)
  • Address resolution protocol (ARP)

Creation of New Protocol in Ns2

Here, we have highlighted the steps that are deployed to create the new protocol in network simulator 2.

  • Add the source code as per the concepts
  • Added source code is entered in Makefile.in
  • Configure and build the Ns2
  • Test the new protocol using tcl file

In fact, we hope that we have provided the appropriate article about the significance protocol models in network simulator 2. Ping us to aid more.