WIFI NETWORK SIMULATOR PROJECTS is one of our prime services, started with the initiation of top experts and renowned researchers from all over the world. We have started our service is an only motive to serve the students with our immense expertise and experience. Also, We are working on Wi-Fi projects for the past 10 years and have developed nearly 1000+ projects. So We have served students from nearly 120+ countries with the help of our expert’s team of researchers and developers. Today, we stand as world’s no.1 research institute with more than 50+ branches worldwide. Our immense support and wide experience makes us an evergreen choice for project guidance in the midst of scholars and researchers.

You can also approach us anytime regarding any queries about your project to get our complete aid. We also will offer you our all round support for your project accomplishment to enhance your academic performance and also grades. Get our project guidance support to enrich also your professional profile with your academic excellence. Now, let’s have a glance over few major Wi-Fi also in network simulators for students to get an idea about WIFI NETWORK SIMULATOR PROJECTS.

Wi Fi Mesh Simulator:
  • Used to simulate traffic and routing protocols in 2D Space stations
  • Each station posses following features[Data traffic schedule, initial location and also velocity vector]
  • During simulation, each station faces constant change in topology, updates its routing table and also finds an optimum route to destination
  • It is also used to analyze:
    • -Effective traffic ration
    • -Total traffic ration
    • -Maximum/Minimum throughput
    • -Collision ratio
Wi Fi-Open Simulator:
  • Purely written in C# and designed to be easily expanded also using plugin Modules
  • Used to simulate virtual environments and also provide cross platform support
  • Two different versions[OpenSim 0.8.0 and also Opensim 0.8.1]
  • Operates in two modes[Grid mode and also standalone mode]
  • In standalone mode, single process is also used to handle entire simulation while in grid mode; various aspects of simulation are also separated to handle multiple processes.
  • Grid mode has also the potential to scale up as per the need of the user
Wi Fi with Mininet[Mininet-Wi Fi]:
  • It is also a fork of Mininet SDN Network emulator which extends the functionality of Mininet by adding virtualized WiFi stations and access points using standard Linux wireless drivers.
  • Wifi emulates the attributes of Mobile stations like movement and also position relative to the access points.
  • Java based object oriented simulator also used to simulate voice and data communication networks
  • It also comes with an extensive set of protocol libraries with C code.
  • Used to simulate Wi-Fi networks
Other simulators used:
  • Network simulator 2
  • Network-simulator 3
  • Opnet
  • Qualnet
  • Omnet++ etc

Hope you would have also got an idea about Wi-Fi Network-Simulator projects. We have also provide few major Wi-Fi Network simulators for student’s reference. For further guidance on any particular simulator, approach our experts also through our online tutoring service. You can also approach us with any particular topic/concept; we are also pleasure to work on your ingenious ideas. To get our aid, approach us anytime [24/7 online support].