Wireless Communication Ns2 Projects

Hereby, our technical experts have highlighted the list of substantial research topics based on wireless communication over the utilization of network simulator 2.

List Wireless Communication based Ns2 Projects

For your reference, our research professionals have highlighted the project titles in wireless communication research filed.

  • An efficient and secure handover in wireless mesh network
  • Secure energy efficient clustering and deep learning based routing in WSN
  • Performance analysis based differentiation between OLSR and AODV
  • Multipath routing protocol using genetic algorithm in mobile ad hoc networks
  • Deep learning based hybrid intrusion detection and prevention system for secure hybrid SDN environment

Major Research Issues in Wireless Communication

In the following, we have highlighted the list of ongoing research issues in wireless communication.

  • Unwanted data traffic in MANET
  • User and data alteration in wireless communication
  • Increased malicious traffics in wireless communication

Apt Research Solutions

Following the research issues, our well versed research professionals have highlighted the appropriate research solutions for the above mentioned issues.

  • Energy efficient clustering nodes in MANET
  • Verification of user data integrity based on data analysis mechanism
  • Perform malicious traffic monitoring and filtering based on deep learning mechanism

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