Wireless Networks in Ns2

Most significantly, the wireless network simulation in network simulator 2 is deployed as the term for the transmission of information in one way communication as in broadcasting systems and the two way communication among the nodes through using the devices such as the wireless routers, access points and so on.

Wireless Sensor Networks Using Ns2

In network simulator 2, the wireless sensor network simulation is done through the creation of multiple sensor nodes, sink and base station nodes. The sensor nodes are configured through the utilization of some energy components such as,

  • idlePower
  • rxPower
  • txPower
  • initialEnergy

For your reference, we have highlighted some sample codes based on network simulator 2 along with its specifications.

  • Ns2 code for number of node specification

set val(nn) 10 ;

  • Ns2 code for energy model configuration and creation of the topography objects to construct the wireless sensor networks

set val(energymodel) EnergyModel ;

set topo [new Topography]

$topo load_flatgrid $val(x) $val(y)

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