Wireless Projects

Wireless Projects are based on the signal transformation among one device to another device. We develop based on wireless-communication for college students and also research scholars. Today’s world people were using the common form of wire-less computing like IEEE 802.11 standard. This is also name as Wi-fi. We are developing the project based on the wire-less fidelity. By using this Wi-fi communication we are offering the project with different portable devices. This wire-less communication projects can develop for electronics, electrical and computer engineering students. The network protocol based projects are developed with IEEE 802.11 system.


A wireless projects include the robotic communications and also smart home applications. Here we have creating the smart home applications for blind people with wireless-environment. This type of projects can usable for disabled people. In this method we creating automatic door control mechanism, automatic light access in the home management. For disable people we providing the warning system. For these activities we have utilize the Wireless-LAN method and sensors for the effective detection of obstacles. The Network protocols not only maintain the wireless communication and also some additional mechanism that have used.




It is based on Power management are also done with low power RF transceiver design. For this design minimum energy consumption will be taken as a parameter. Portable device power management in wire-less devices we will attempt to design the low power IC. Addition to this module Global Positioning System (GPS) based projects also included. Based on the GPS receiver we will design the location based model over the wireless-communication environment. Most of the projects in the wireless- communication and location based criteria will be satisfied using the GPS model.

MultiNet system

The switching Algorithm also used to the users who access their machines through the devices. For this mechanism we design and present the MultiNet system for the machine access. We also analyze and identify the buffering and switching mechanism in wire-less access with time delay. We are also implementing the 3G cellular system based projects for communication model. Rapid advances have increased on the networks for this improvement, the wireless-projects are based on the M-Wimax, and LTE systems. The demands in the wireless-communication are also increase. To satisfy this demand we achieve more recent projects in wireless-communication.


Further we have design the RFid based frequency identification method for wireless-communication for Electronics students. And also we are focus on the intelligent wireless-communication such as CR based system. For RF spectrum we have design the Multi Agent system for wireless devices.