Wireless Sensor Networks Projects using network simulator 2

In fact! Our technical experts are providing the complete research support for the research scholars based on the projects in wireless sensor networks in network simulator 2 along with source code through this article.

Topical WSN Projects in Ns2

In the following, our technical experts have listed out some research topics based on wireless sensor network in network simulator 2.

  • An efficient intrusion detection and prevention system in SDWSN environment
  • Energy enhancement in wireless sensor network using teaching learning based optimization algorithm
  • Energy enhancement in wireless sensor network using ant colony optimization
  • Cross layer IDS for rushing attack in wireless mesh networks
  • Light weight authentication based clustered AODV for secure routing in WSN

WSN Projects Source Code in Ns2

For your ease, we have highlighted the sample source code based on network simulator 2 using C++ to get the sensor nodes IP address for routing.

            if (next_hop <= size) {

                        sprintf(address,”%d.%d.%d”, src[0]-1, src[1]-1, next_hop-1);


            else if ((next_hop > size) && (next_hop < (size + C_[d]))) {

                        int temp = next_hop – size;

                        int I = src[2] * (C_[d] + D_) + temp;

                        strcpy(address, hconnect_[index][I]);


Now, you guys can just begin to implement the projects on Ns2 based wireless sensor network along with source code by your own and hit us through numerous platforms if assistance required.