wireless sensor networks projects with source code in ns2

Are you guys struggling to download Ns3 for Ubuntu? Then, no worries! Because in this article, we have depicted the process of downloading Ns3 for Ubuntu, come let’s see the significant project ideas in Ns2.

List of Ns2 Projects

  • Flexible congestion control algorithm to adapt for high BDP networks
  • An enhanced routing protocol for wireless community networks
  • An efficient spectrum sensing using CSMA CA
  • Performance of vehicular ad hoc network with the protocols MIPV4 and MIPV6 for the standards WiFi (802.11p) and WiMAX(802.16)

Ns2 Project Source Code

For your ease, we have highlighted the sample source code for the projects based network simulator 2.

  • Ns2 code using C++ to add IP address into route table

LMACA_rt_entry *rt;

 assert(rt_lookup(id) == 0);

 rt = new LMACA_rt_entry;


 rt->rt_dst = id;

 LIST_INSERT_HEAD(&rthead, rt, rt_link);

  • C++ source code to send packets using UDP

if (strcmp(argv[1], “send”) == 0) {

                                    PacketData* data = new PacketData(1 + strlen(argv[3]));

                                    strcpy((char*)data->data(), argv[3]);

                                    sendmsg(atoi(argv[2]), data);

                                    return (TCL_OK);


  • C++ source code to receive the packets using UDP

PacketData* data = (PacketData*)pkt->userdata();

                        hdr_ip* iph = hdr_ip::access(pkt);

                Tcl& tcl = Tcl::instance();

                        tcl.evalf(“%s process_data %d {%s}”, name(),

                                  iph->src_.addr_ >> Address::instance().NodeShift_[1],


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