In recent days, the growth in computer technologies is peak and it is grabbing more attention. Even though it is rising there are a lot of challenges in the computer network mainly for the researchers. To make this an easy task, many companies and researchers have combined the invention of network modeling and simulation tools. Mainly, these network modeling and simulation tools are supportive of the research process and educational purpose.

How to choose the best network simulation tool?

  • Available Applications
    • NS3 simulator
    • NS2 Simulator
    • Common Open Research Emulator
    • OMNET++
    • GNS3
  • Selection Criteria
    • MANET
    • Realism
    • Open Source
    • Adaptable
    • Interference with Real Applications
    • Real-Time
  • Requirements
    • Easy to Use
    • Network Simulation
    • Automation
    • Free as in Beer and Speech
    • Realism
    • MANET
    • Router Emulation
    • Network Efforts

What are two reasons for having access to network simulation tools?

           Network simulation has the capability to identify the traffic loads with the help of some nodes and that simulates the network performance using best network simulation tool. If any simulation stoppage occurs the routers and the switches will redirect the network traffic in the network devices.

 The researchers in the network field might use this network simulator software to examine the transformation of traffic, weather, and any device breakdown, etc, in the network.

  • The reason for the ability of data link to guide essentials in the airborne assets
  • The explanation of latency in the video conference function, if the network is adding 50 extra users

A modeling and simulation tool in the network offers the protection opposite to the unwanted threats which monitor the capabilities of the network device, practice for the cyber awareness, determination of network performance, etc. 

  • QualNet
  • EXata
Top 6 List of best Network Simulation Tools - Research Guidance

The aforementioned are the notable tools in the network modelling and simulation which act as a simulation-raised area for various network emulations, vibrant booster for cyber network protection, mobile networks and supports the end users security system.

    • EXata is the significant cellular technology such as C-V2X 
    • It helps for the improvement in the networking technology such as generating the models
    • The simulation ability of EXata is the vehicle mobility, urban surroundings and etc.
    • GloMoSim is the Global Mobile Information System Simulator, is the network protocol simulation software
    • It supports the process of wired and wireless network systems simulation process
    • It is used to establish the scalability of GloMoSim with the high fidelity models
  • OMNET++
    • With the help of TraCI, OMNET++ regulates the simulation
    • It explores the structure in NED language
    • The traffic light scheduling is programmed by SUMO
    • It is not limited to the network size and simulated vehicles
  • NS3
    • In NS3 the user programs are written in C++ in the Python programming languages
    • It has the ability to generate the software system libraries to combine work
    • In packet tags, the small unit of data is designed
    • In stability features the packets have virtual zero bytes
  • QualNet Network Simulator
    • It offers the support to generate new networks for exploring and updating the network systems
    • It permits the network designers, engineers, scientific people to design novel networks in data, voice, video and etc.
    • Its scalability is to design a thousand nodes for the analysis process

To sum up, our research experts assist you from top to bottom in any tool. Our bunch of coders will train you until you have insight into the tool. So make it as easy to implement your research work with best network simulation tool by contacting us.