Computer network project

            Computer network project which are list on the website. In a real world environment the professional Computer-network project would  encounter. Our website contains categories of network project which mean for different types of networking careers. This method of learning the Computer project would help to bridge the gap between academy and industry.


      Each node communicates only with a close neighbor and takes turns transmit to the base station in PEGASIS. An improvement over LEACH is a near optimal chain-based protocol in Computer network project. PEGASIS is the improve protocol where only one node is chose a head node. To form a chain among the sensor nodes where each node will receive from and transmit to a close neighbor is the key idea of PEGASIS.

LEACH protocol

One or more data packets from different sensor measurements to produce a single packet which is done by data fusion. The amount of data transmit between sensor nodes and the BS is reduced by data fusion in sensor networks. PEGASIS performs better than LEACH. Which sends the fused data to the BS per round? Compare to LEACH protocol PEGASIS improve two important factors.


          In Computer network project the conventional wire routing protocol cannot adapt to the wireless sensor network. Due to the inherent property of WSN wire routing protocol cannot adapt to the wireless sensor network. Hence, to satisfy the need of WSN many protocols have been propose. The cluster idea present in has a significant reflection to the research of WSN routing protocols. The WSN routing protocols organizes the sensor nodes into different clusters.

Hierarchical routing protocols

            The execution of data collection and transitions tasks for other member nodes with a cluster head also in each cluster. The whole network is divide into two or more levels with each level performing different tasks  also the main idea introduce in the hierarchical routing protocols. The hierarchical routing protocol family which also  divides the communication process into rounds with each round including a set-up phase and a steady-state phase in LEACH (low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) is a classical version.


           According to certain rules some sensor nodes are also select as cluster heads (CHs) and other nodes join in the clusters as member nodes in the set-up phase on Computer network project. The CHs collect and also aggregate the data coming from their own cluster members and also then transmit them to a base station (BS) in the steady-state phase. LEACH-C differs from LEACH in which uses also a central algorithm to finish the choice of CHs in each round based on the LEACH.

           LEACH-C needs also all the sensor nodes to transmit their information to remote BS. Computer project also no matter about LEACH or LEACH-C. In a communication process the existence of cluster head (CH) in a cluster avoids the long transmission distance to BS for each sensor node. Computer network project also has a lot of redundancy data message coming from different member nodes the aggregation of the data also on the cluster heads reduces almost simultaneously.


            However, the unnecessary energy consumption causes the unreasonable choosing formula due to the inherent characteristic of LEACH and LEACH-C. The high frequency of re clustering among sensor nodes also  will cause the uneven energy distribution which wastes a certain amount of energy in the whole network. we also modify the choosing formula for consider the dynamic change of sensor nodes’ energy and also change the process of choosing CHs to reduce the frequency of re-cluttering also base on the ideology of traditional LEACH on Computer network project.