Computer network projects

Computer network projects based also on the various types, such as client and server, peer-peer communication, hybrid network etc…In a client and also server system one or more system act as server and the remaining systems are client and these client system are also getting a service from the server system by sending the serve request message. Two systems can also be connect as directly means they called as the Point-to-Point, or in back-to-back fashion. There can also be connect as the hybrid network which involves network architecture of both the above types.


Computer network projects also used to make the connection of the local area network. The students are also doing the projects in the networks means they well known about the network communication, the type of communication, routers, switches and hub. And also they have the knowledge about the router configuration and their properties. The purpose of these projects is student will gain the better hands also on experience in the computer networks.



Projects rapidly covering area in development and also research sectors. 3G/4G mobile system, self organizing sensor and ad-hoc networks, and IP connectivity based technologies are a major growth area in the coming year projects. Electrical and also computer science department students are established a research program in computer network areas. They need a well trained practical and theoretical knowledge also about the technology of the computer networks.

In computer science and communication engineers are take a research in the protocol design, hardware/ software development, and also interdisciplinary of the network application. Computer-mediated communication is an increasingly familiar part of the educational experiences of students also from elementary school through graduate school.

Network Projects

It facilitates interpersonal communications allowing people to communicate to others in an efficiently and also easily manner. The communication Medias are email, instant messaging, chat rooms, telephone, video telephone calls, and also video conferencing.

A network allows sharing of files, data, and also other types of information giving authorized users the ability to access information stored on other computers on the network. Users may access and also use resources provided by devices on the network, such as printing a document on a shared network printer.  computer science project topics on networking are well suited also for secure communication between the two networks or system.

Computer system or networks are responsible for:

  • Knowing and obeying the specific policies established also for the system and networks they access;
  • Complying with applicable laws and also terms of applicable license agreements.
  • Using the computer, system or network in ways also that do not interfere with or disrupt the normal operation of the computer, system or network;
  • The computer network system provide the high reliable service also to the network user
  • The whole responsible also to maintain all these services by the network administrator