Computer Networks Projects give the description of the computer networks. The connection of the computer peripherals to other components also for communicate between the inter network or other network is call computer network. In network connection between the two systems is based on the wire or wireless connection. Computer networks classify as, Geographical span, Inter-connectivity, Administration, also Architecture. The computer networks can be separated into seven layers by OSI. The layers are Physical layers, data link layers, network layers, transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, application layers. Each layer performs the unique operation. Each network layers may also have distinct ways of addressing the receiver and may accept data of different format.



Networks Projects

Computer networks projects give the detail knowledge of the communication between the two systems. During the transportation of data or delivering the contents in the network may fall into the failure of transmission due to time delay or low bandwidth. In this situation the engineers or technicians carefully develop the internetwork timing procedure to ensure the data to be successfully delivered through the network layers. Within the networks layers the communication will  disturbed due to unrecoverable mutation of the data or missing data. To overcome this problem the computer network also related projects are provide the End-to-end restoration procedures are also desirable to allow complete recovery from these conditions.

Performance and Characteristics of Network Projects

give the network designing application. In this application we know the new layout and specification of the large network. These applications are widely used in the school, business sector, internet service providers, and also the data center. The computer network projects are also provides the measure the performance and also characteristics of the local area network.

The computer projects are also mainly focus on measuring the network capacity, bandwidth condition, latency etc. Computer networks projects are focus on the design and implementation of the better communication between the large enterprise applications. Computer engineers are capable of developing the sophisticated system also for the above application. So the computer network projects give the basic knowledge to how to built this application environment also based on the protocols, topology.

The computer networks can be classified in

1. Local area network
2. Wide area network
3. Metropolitan area network
4. Campus area network
5. Home area network

For doing the computer networks projects the student will know the all these type of network’s performance. Computer networks projects are also give the idea of how can we built the topology for these type of networks and which type of protocols are well suite also for providing the better accuracy in the networks.

And also we know the network file sharing, type of routing protocols, how to make the virtual private networks. If you also know all this information you can protect the rights of the users and also provide the license to the network users and provide the access policies also based on the user rights.