What does network performance mean? The study of cooperative network data and description of the accessible quality of service (QOS) in the basic computer network is known as the network performance. QoS assists in the development, overview, and determine the network services. It helps to entitle and evaluate the performance of the computer networks. Get complete research assistance to know on list the metrics that influence the performance of computer networks.

Substantially, the list of metrics that influence the performance of the computer networks concerns the quality of the network recognized by the users. According to the nature and the design of the network, the computer network has various types to measure the network performance. Now, let us discuss the issues in network performance.

What are the important network performance issues?

           In general, there are a lot of sources to reduce the performance level in the network. Our experts have highlighted some sources which occur some problems in firewalls, routers, etc. We have listed down some network performance metrics to recognize the network issues by measuring the various operating parameters.

  • Throughput
  • Packet Rerecording, Loss, and Duplication
  • Latency
  • Jitter

The aforementioned is about the significant performance metrics in computer networks. In addition, a computer network has three prime metrics as Quality of experience, quality of experience, and quality of sense. We have enlisted the significant metrics with their importance.


3 Key Metrics for Efficient Performance Monitoring

  • Quality of Experience
    • The measure of enhancement and the experience of the users are known as the quality of the experience. For your ease, some metrics in QOE are highlighted below
      • Throughput
      • Stalling
      • Connection Loss
      • Accuracy
      • PSNR
      • Buffer Rate
      • Application Response Time
      • Delay Variance 
      • Download Rate
      • Transmission Quality
      • Communication Links Quality
      • Mean Slow Down
      • Goodput
      • Mean Opinion Score
      • Maximum Deadline
      • Packet Loss Rate
    • Quality of Sensing
      • The novel sensing competence for the growth of sensor networks, Industry 4.0, and IOT known as the quality of sensing. The significant metrics in sensing are noted down
        • Network Size
        • Coverage Reliability
        • Sampling Interval
        • Coverage Time
        • Energy Consumption
        • Transmission Reliability
        • Power Consumption
        • Coverage Percentage
        • Communication Range
    • Quality of Service
      • Quality of Service (QOS) is the measure of all the performance in the computer network such as application, data flows, and users. The notable metrics are listed below
        • Packet Loss Rate
        • Response Time
        • Path Latency
        • Buffer Length
        • Aggregate Utility
        • Transmission Power
        • Network Life Time
        • Jitter
        • Reliability
        • Bandwidth
        • Intermediate Delay
        • Network Capacity