M tech final year projects

M tech final year projects for students in the final year of their course. We like working with PG students who are doing M tech final year projects for many reasons in fact as an organization. The PG students like M Tech and ME students have already undergo final year project experience while in their graduation study is one of the major reason.

The M tech projects work is also become easy and fast for everyone including the students and staff of our organization which makes the whole process easy. And also the group of researchers and developers in the community are working to keep the Mtech final projects constantly as strong and also versatile.

Mtech projects

In order to observe end-to-end performance to the user desktop a simulation program is also used in Mtech projects conjunction with live applications and services. The network simulation technique is also name to as network emulation. Without an actual network being present the behavior of a computer network is predict by also a network simulator which is a software or hardware. Typically, the computer network is model with devices, traffic etc in simulators. The performance of a network is also analyze by the network simulator.

Security based projects

M tech final year projects concentrate on Information security which used for securing the network. Information security is extremely also easy to utilize. The protection of less sensitive material users can also simply password protect files. In The biometric scanners, firewalls, or detection systems are also install by the more sensitive material users. The crimes are associate with the technology is increase which also making the use of information security very worthwhile.


M tech projects also refer Delay-tolerant networking (DTN). Delay-tolerant networking is an approach which is also provided to computer network architecture. In heterogeneous networks it seeks also to address the technical issues that may lack continuous network connectivity. The networks are also operating in mobile or extreme terrestrial environments, or planned networks also in space are the examples of such networks.

Features of DTN

  • High Latency
  • Low Data Rate
  • Disconnection
  • Long Queuing Delay
  • Short Range Contact
  • Dynamic Network Topology

The process of converting code into plain text or any format which is useful for subsequent processes is also define as decoding in final year projects. An encoding is the reverse process also for decoding. It converts encode data and files to their original states for communication transmissions.

Cryptography Projects

An encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way is name in cryptography is also conduct in the projects where the authorize parties can only read the data. The interception is not prevent by the encryption itself. The message content to the interceptor can also deny. The message or information, refer to as plaintext in an encryption scheme.

A plain text is encrypt using an encryption algorithm which generating cipher text. We can also only read if the cipher text is decrypt. An encryption scheme usually uses a pseudo-random encryption key which is generate by an algorithm for some technical reasons also in final year projects. In principle without possessing the key it is possible to decrypt the message. The large computational resources and skill are require for a well-design encryption scheme in M tech projects. With also the help of key an authorize recipient can easily decrypt the message which is also provide by the originator to recipients. An unauthorize interceptor does not have it.