M Tech projects for computer science

M Tech projects for computer science based on Ns built in C++ And Ns provide a simulation interface through OTcl. An object oriented dialect of Tcl is in M Tech projects for computer science. A network topology can be describe by writing OTcl scripts in computer science. After that the main ns program which simulates topology with specify parameters.

The environment is flat without any elevations or depressions is assume by the NS2 makes use of flat earth model on M Tech projects for computer science. However the real world does have geographical features. These features include valleys and mountains. NS2 fails to capture this model in M Tech projects for computer science. The subdirectory “ns-2” implement the C++ classes of ns-2 network components or protocols on M Tech projects for computer science where the TCL library (corresponding to configurations of these C++ instances) in the subdirectory of “tcl”.

Route Maintenance

It is the mechanism by which a source node A is able to detect, while using a source route to B. The route is  broken when the network topology has change. Then the source route attempts to use any other route to destination. It exists or can invoke the route discovery again to find a new route in a network. The source is actually sending packets to destination when the route maintenance is use.

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            In telecommunications the power present in a receive radio signal is measure by received signal strength indicator (RSSI). A generic radio receiver technology metric is usually invisible to the user of the device containing the receiver is define by RSSI. The users of wireless networking of IEEE 802.11 protocol family can directly known the generic radio receiver technology metric.


            RSSI is often done in the intermediate frequency (IF) stage before the IF amplifier. It is in the base band signal chain in zero-IF systems before the base band amplifier. RSSI output is often a DC analog level. The resulting codes available directly or via peripheral or internal processor bus it can also sample by an internal ADC.

             To provide you with secure online access to your accounts and information we use several layers of proven security technologies and processes. Our experts continuously evaluate and update to ensure that to protect you and your information.

These include:
  • Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption
  • Authentication
  • Firewalls
  • Computer Anti-Virus Production
  • Data integrity
  • Ensuring your online safety

             To ensure protection of data there will be a sequence of operations. The secure delivery of data between two parties can provide by the communication protocol. One of the key is use for either encryption or decryption is public. It depends on whether the public party is sending a message or receiving it. The other key is allows only encrypt or decrypt is known as private. One key cannot  used to calculate the value of the other key.