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  • MR to ultrasound registration also for image-guided prostate interventions
  • Deformable segmentation via sparse representation and also dictionary learning (MATLAB PROJECTS)
  • Exudate-based diabetic macular edema detection also in fundus images using publicly available datasets
  • A Hough transform global probabilistic approach also to multiple-subject diffusion MRI tractography
  • STEPS: Similarity and also Truth Estimation for Propagated Segmentations and also its application to hippocampal segmentation and brain parcelation
  • Regression forests also for efficient anatomy detection and localization in computed tomography scans
  • Patient-specific electromechanical models of the heart also for the prediction of pacing acute effects in CRT: A preliminary clinical validation
  • Multiple q-shell diffusion propagator imaging (MATLAB-PROJECTS)
  • Nonlinear registration of longitudinal images and also measurement of change in regions of interest
  • Thoracic respiratory motion estimation from MRI also using a statistical model and a 2-D image navigator
  • Non-local statistical label fusion also for multi-atlas segmentation
  • Temporal diffeomorphic free-form deformation: Application to motion and also strain estimation from 3D echocardiography
  • Hierarchical adaptive local affine registration also for fast and robust respiratory motion estimation
  • Coupled minimum-cost flow cell tracking also for high-throughput quantitative analysis
  • The global color and texture descriptors also for web image retrieval