Networking projects

Networking projects, A group or a set of two or more computer systems  link together to form a network. There are also many different types of computer networks use.

local-area networks (LANs) :
  • In our Networking is the computers geographically close together (that is, in the same building) also to form a LAN.
wide-area networks (WANs) :
  • The computers are just farther apart and also connect by telephone lines or radio waves in projects.
campus-area networks (CANs):
  • If the computers connect within a limit geographic area it is named as CAN. A campus or military base is also some example for CAN which also use in our projects.
metropolitan-area networks MANs):
  • In projects a network is also design for a town or city.
home-area networks (HANs):
  • A network that connects a person’s digital devices which also contain within a user’s home.
The following characteristics use to categorize some more different types of networks in addition to these types:
  • topology : A computer system is also arrange in a geometric manner is known as topology. A bus, star, and also ring the common topologies use in Networking.
  • protocol : A common set of rules and also signals that computers on the network use to communicate with each other. Ethernet is one of the most popular protocols for LANs. Another popular LAN protocol for PCs is the IBM token-ring network is use in projects.
  • architecture : A peer-to-peer or client/server architecture also mostly use network in Networking.

       Computers and devices that allocate resources also for a network call servers.

In Networking projects computers on a Network are sometimes call nodes

        The different kinds of ideas and also solutions for network design projects, networking-projects, network programming projects, network security projects, ethical hacking projects and also projects in computer network and security protocol analysis and also testing are provide by our website. Our site also provides different topics in networking and network security topics which can also use for papers, projects and presentations also for projects.


      The Networking projects which also would encounter in a real world environment which are list on the website are also professional projects in networking which gives different ideas and solutions. The different types of Computer networking careers categorize by our website. This method of learning help to bridge the gap between academy and also industry. Researchers working to implement a network virtualization infrastructure to allow the academic community to explore the fundamental technical challenges that also underlie the cloud.


       Researchers are developing across all stages of the complex deep packet inspection (DPI) pipeline which introducing a comprehensive approach to parallelism on Networking projects. For protecting networks from emerging and sophisticate attacks a crucial tool DPI is used. However, due to the rising need for more complex analysis which is becoming increasingly difficult to implement DPI effectively. So it is combine also with the relentless growth in the volume of network traffic that these systems must inspect.


         The change from attackers motivate by glory or vanity to attackers motivate also by commercial (criminal) gain is also one of the most disturbing recent shifts in Internet attacks. This shift threatens also to greatly accelerate the “arms race” between defenders developing effective counters to attacks and highly motivate. The well fund attackers finding also the new ways to circumvent these innovations on Networking-projects.