NS2 Projects for M.Tech

NS2 Projects for M.Tech is a Linux based tool which is used to perform network simulations. It is based on TCL and C++ programming Languages. The network configuration is also define by the use of simple TCL commands. C++ defines new protocols and also allows users to adjust protocol functionalities in detail.

In 1989 Ns2 projects for M.Tech began as also a variant of the REAL network simulator. Over the past few years it has also evolve substantially. In the year of 1995 Ns2 M.Tech develop through the VINT project which  support by DARPA. The VINT project Xerox PARC, LBL, UCB, and USC/ISI. Through DARPA with SAMAN and through NSF with CONSER support to develop current projects for M.Tech. It also is including ACIRI and both in collaboration with other researchers.


 Network problems in Ns2 that involve finding an optimal way of doing something. The finding of problem solutions is study under the name combinatorial optimization. Examples of network problems in Ns2 M.Tech include shortest path problem, network flow, transshipment problem, transport problem, location problem, assignment problem, packing problem, routing problem, matching problem, Critical Path Analysis and PERT (Program Evaluation & Review Technique).


A networking technique is use to encode and decode the transmitted data which also named as network coding. A networking technique can increase network throughput, reduce delays and make the network more robust. The algebraic algorithms are apply to the data to accumulate the various transmissions in a network coding. At their destinations the receive transmissions are decode. This means to transmit all the data where fewer transmissions required. At intermediary and also terminal nodes this requires more processing.

  • Wireless mesh networks
  • And also in Messaging networks
  • Overlay networks
  • And also in Wireless networks
  • Data throughput
  • And also in robustness

Network optimization is a special type of linear programming model use in computer networks.

Advantages of Network Optimization
  • Network Audit
  • Cisco Unified Computing System Assessment
  • Unified Communication Roadmap

Artificial neural networks have also use in Ns2 projects for M.Tech which is used to diagnose several cancer problems. The hybrid lung cancer detection system are based on ANN. HLND improves the speed of lung cancer radiology and the accuracy of diagnosis. To diagnose prostate cancer these HLND networks have also used in Ns2 projects for M.Tech.

 The diagnoses can use to make specific models which are taken from a large group of patients compare to information of one given patient. The models do not depend on assumptions about correlations of different variables. By also using the neural networks colorectal cancer has also predict.

Ns2 projects

In order to understand how biological systems work is the main aim of Ns2 projects which is also used to create models of biological neural systems. The neuroscientists strive to make a link between observed biological processes (data) also to gain this understanding. Biologically plausible mechanisms for neural processing and also learning (biological neural network models) and theory (statistical learning theory and also information theory) can also be applies in Ns2 projects for M.Tech.

 A network of these devices will also collaborate for a common application such as environmental monitoring. We also expect individual nodes remaining largely inactive also for long periods of time when the sensor networks to be deployed in an ad hoc fashion. Something is also detect when it becoming suddenly active.