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Key Feature of NS2
  • Used to simulate Routing and multicast protocols in wired and wireless networks
  • Runs on several platform like UNIX and UNIX like systems [Linux, SunOS, Fedora, Solaris], Windows[Using Cygwin]
  • Can be used for parallel and distributed simulation[PDNS]
  • Provides emulation functionalities
  • Implemented in C++ and OTCL
  • Provides support for wide range of algorithms, queues and traffic Models[like constant bit rate, Variable Bit Rate etc]
Simulation Steps in NS2
  • Create an Event Scheduler
  • Construct trace file and NAM file
  • Build up a Network
  • Routing Setup
  • Creating traffic
  • Transmitting application level data
Support for OSI Layer in NS2
  • Application layer– FTP, HTTP, Multicast, Web cache, Trace driven traffic generator
  • Transport layer– TCP, SCTP, UDP, TFRC, XCP, RAP, RTP, Multicast protocol[PGM, RLM, SRM, PLM]
  • Network layer– Unicast[Mobile IO, IP, Vector, Source routing and link state], Multicast[SRM, Generic centralized], MANET[AODV, DSDV,DSR,TORA, IMEP]
  • Link Layer: Queuing[FIFO, Drop Tail, RED, SRR, RIO, WFQ, WFQ, Semantic packet queue, RIO], MACs[CSMA 802.11b, 802.15.4[WPAN]]
  • Physical Layer: Two way, Omni Antennas, shadowing, satellite Repeater, Energy Model
Support Networks Like
  • Wired Network
  • Wireless-Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Ad hoc Network
  • Ad hoc cognitive packet Networks
  • Wireless Ad hoc sensor networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Peer to peer Networks
  • Cognitive Packet Networks

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