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    Ns2 Programming Examples is one of our best services started for the benefit of young scholars and students. NS2 is one of the popularly used simulation tool today, which makes students to get attracted towards it.  You may think that why we have emphasized on NS2 programming in this article. We feel that students must know few basics about NS2 programming before taking a complete project in NS2. For few students, our below mentioned programs may be useful, for few, it may be just a basic program.

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Programming Examples

     NS2 programs are generally written using two major languages i.e C++ and TCL. NS2 supports both the types of Network i.e. wired and wireless networks. In wired networks, nodes use wired channel where as in wireless channel, node transmission takes place through wireless channels. Major aspect of any simulation is the creation of Nodes and topology. We have focused here on all the types of topology and its respective codes for students to get an idea about NS2 simulation. It’s just a one way of our teaching to make you know few basics of NS2. You can approach us for any particular concept or code in NS2.

Example 1:  Formation of Bus Topology

#Creating five nodes
set node1 [$ns node]
setnode2 [$ns node]
set node3 [$ns node]
setnode4 [$ns node]
set node5 [$ns node]
#Creating  Lan connection between the nodes
set lan0 [$ns newLan “$node1 $node2$node3 $node4 $node5” 0.7Mb 20ms LL Queue/FQ MAC/Csma/Cd Channel]
#Creating a TCP agent and attaching it to node 1
set tcp0 [new Agent/TCP]
$tcp0 set class_ 1
$ns attach-agent $node1 $tcp0
#Creating a TCP Sink agent for TCP and attaching it to  node 3
set sink0 [new Agent/TCPSink]
$ns attach-agent $node3 $sink0
#Connecting the traffic sources with the traffic sink
$ns connect $tcp0 $sink0
# Creating a CBR traffic source and attach it to tcp0
set cbr0 [new Application/Traffic/CBR]
$cbr0 set packetSize_ 500
$ cbr0 set interval_ 0.05
$cbr0 attach-agent $tcp0
#Schedule events for the CBR agents
$ns at 0.5 “$cbr0 start time”
$ ns at 5.5 “$cbr0 stop time”
#Here we call the finish procedure after 10 seconds of simulation time
$ns at 10.0 “End”
#Finally run the simulation
$ns run

       Here, we have created four nodes and they are linked together using Bus topology. We have given the overall code for all the parameters used in the construction of bus topology.

Example 2: Formation of Ring Topology

#Creating six nodes
setnode1 [$ns node]
set node2 [$ns node]
setnode3 [$ns node]
set node4 [$ns node]
setnode5 [$ns node]
set node6 [$ns node]
#Creating links between the nodes
$ ns duplex-link $node1 $node2 1Mb 15ms FQ
$ns duplex-link $node2 $node3 1Mb 15ms FQ
$ ns duplex-link $node3 $node4 1Mb 15ms FQ
$ns duplex-link $node4 $node5 1Mb 15ms FQ
$ ns duplex-link $node5 $node6 1Mb 15ms FQ
$ns duplex-link $node6 $node1 1Mb 15ms FQ\”Forms Ring Topology”

        Here, we have created six nodes and are connected using Ring topology. The code may look similar to the early one, but it shows the difference in terms of its connectivity. All the nodes are connected in a ring manner, in order to have high data transmission rates.

Example 3: Formation of Mesh Topology

#Creating four nodes
set node1 [$ns node]
setnode2 [$ns node]
set node3 [$ns node]
setnode4 [$ns node]
#Creating links between the nodes
$ ns duplex-link $node1 $node2 1Mb 20ms FQ
$ns duplex-link $node1 $node3 1Mb 20ms FQ
$ ns duplex-link $node1 $node4 1Mb 20ms FQ
$ns duplex-link $node2 $node3 1Mb 20ms FQ
$ ns duplex-link $node2 $node4 1Mb 20ms FQ
$ns duplex-link $node3 $node4 1Mb 20ms FQ\“Forms Mesh Topology”

    Here we have created only four nodes and connected every node to every other node using Mesh topology. Mesh topology provides high reliability as failure of any one link does not affect the overall data transmission. It uses flooding techniques for packet transmission between the nodes. All the above mentioned three ns3 simulation examples are written in TCL script. To make this code more useful and conceptualized, you can employ additional concepts like cryptography, routing, loading balancing etc.

     Hope that the above mentioned content will be useful to you. Don’t feel that we stop our service by providing few static programs like this. It was just a program example for beginners to understand how to code in NS2. We support highly innovative concepts and ideas, which are difficult to code as making impossible to possible is our nature of work. Bring your projects, assignments or research work in NS2, and know our standard and quality of code support.