What is meant by NS3?

  • NS3 is one kind of network simulator that helps to identify the nodes communication in a wide range
  • It also ensures the time for simulation to get into the event-form one event to another
  • It has the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the ease of utilization like windows
  • Like Linux directories, it has its inbuilt libraries and modules within each directory

       This is the article that envisages the ideas on NS3 simulation examples concepts in real-time!

           Further, we will discuss the welfare of using the NS3 simulation tool in real-time and how it ensures the lifetime of the projects as playing a foundation role. Without wasting time, we will have a look at the following aspects. We would like to remark that our researches on these are in unimaginable perspectives.

Benefits of using NS3 simulation                                                                       

  • The foundation of the open-source community envisages an extensive lifetime to the projects
  • For the extensive lifetime, it supports the single language structural design
  • The validation of models is very easy as they are non-concrete
  • The inbuilt mechanism of emulation ensures the robustness against the changes that arise in models

Descriptions of NS3 Elements

          Generally, NS3 has some of the classifications as they are application, nodes, topology helpers, channel, and net device. These are explained below for your better understanding with NS3 Simulation Examples.


  • The abstraction in the NS3 is signified by the class application software
  • The NS3 tool doesn’t have any operating system concept in real-time so that it uses the application software for its GUI and other supporting fields
  • The application software provides the approaches for handling NS3 predefined apps for the client-server pair environment to produce network packets and their corresponding echo packets
  • The client-server application using the UDP as its transmission protocol
  • The client-server application is named here is UDP client application and UDP server application


  • Generally, the node indicates every device that is interconnected to the network for data transmission or communication
  • For instance, work station (host) is known as a node in NS3
  • As they are not precisely an internet emulator the end-to-end points are denoted as node classes in C++.

Topology Helpers

  • There are so many topologies are there according to our network environment so we can have a topology like Bus, Ring, Star, Mesh, Tree, and so on
  • It helps us to provide multiple IP addresses to the relevant devices on the network
  • Without using topology it would be a messy thing to assign IP addresses
  • Topology facilitates us by connecting multiple endpoints to the multiple channels to create the individual network
  • By integrating individual networks we can have the internetworks


  • Channel is the communication medium in which transmission of data held
  • Generally, the communication channel in NS3 is indicated by the channel class
  • The class channel encloses the approaches and substances of the subnetwork for connecting the nodes.

Net device

  • Net device is the network interface card (NIC) that is used in NS3
  • The net device has its updated versions to provide the procedures for connectivity of the nodes with channel objects
  • The dedicated versions are Wi-Fi net device, CSMA net device, Point to point net device

    As of now, we had seen about the NS3 Overview, the scope of the NS3 and the classes evolved in the NS3 tools. As our researchers are doing the best researches on NS3 projects we strongly recommend you to have an opinion with our experts for your better guidance. Next, we can see about the script necessities to NS3 Simulation Examples,

 NS3 Script Necessities

             Like the C++ ordinary source files the structure of the NS3 simulation examples script is the same. To run out the simulation file we just need to write 3 extra commands after creating the topology according to our network at the end of the script. This is the main difference between the ordinary C++ and the NS3 scripts. The 3 script lines are listed below,

  • Simulation:: Run ()  This schedules the event and initiates the simulation
  • Simulation::  Stop () This schedules the event to terminate the simulation

After the initial command, the event scheduler will run the events and it will create multiple events continuously. To terminate the event creation or to break event creation this stop command will help us to give a breakage to the event creation or it will stop the event creation forever.

  • Simulation::  Destroy ()

The memory allocated during the commencement of the simulation process and the termination process will be cleared. Memory allocation of the user has also been cleared manually.

          In the above explanation, you would have gotten the points that are important in every NS3 Scripts. Our developers always focusing the necessities while writing a script on the NS3. We are the leading research concern amenities.

NS3 Simulation Examples for Beginners

Phases involved in the NS3 simulation script

  • Command line arguments handling
  • Setting of trait values as default and the random seeds
  • Generation of nodes
  • Configuring the L1 and L2 aspects i.e. physical and data link layer
  • Setting up of routing and assigning the IP addresses to the nodes
  • Installation of application relevant to the business requirements and configurations
  • Setting up of flexible primary positions
Statistical outline of NS3

       This is the automation technique known as a framework that permits us to acquire the appropriate data for statistical analysis on emulation outcomes. This will help us to improve the simulation outcomes by using the automated statistical framework. For the analytical purpose of network simulations, a statistical framework facilitates us to estimate the simulations, store the simulation frameworks, and present the frameworks to the statistical analysis ns3 simulation examples. Statistical frameworks allow us to collect the data and to create the graphs in the directories.

Fundamental Components NS3 Framework

  • The information is collated by the existing trace signals with the statistical frameworks
  • Implementation of traditional custom simulation code requires the effectiveness of either trace signals or manipulated frameworks
  • Parallel or serial experimental stimulation framework programs are conducted on one on one basis
  • The control scripts fluctuate the limitations and implement the illustrations for the simulation framework

As of now, we had seen the phases evolve in the NS3 modules, the statistical outline of the NS3, and the components of the frameworks. We hope that you will get the point of what we explained. Next, we will move on to the specimens involved in the simulation of NS3.

NS3 Simulation Examples

NS3 example program files can be executed in wired or wireless projects with the help of C++ programs. The NS3 libraries are generally written in C++ programs and the simulations in python need the bindings in the same.

        Now we can have some examples of NS3 simulation examples, we hope you will get an idea about the specimen of simulation in NS3. Without wasting time let’s have a look into that.

  • Discovery of Congestion of Wi-Fi signals for mobile gadgets
    • Nowadays smartphones are subject to the internet as they are connected to the internetwork they are facing the network jam while accessing the Wi-Fi
    • We are investigating the impact of congestion of Wi-Fi signals and we intend the discovery the congestion in real-time based on strength of the signal pointer and the losses during the data packet transmission
    • The universal radio peripherals using the jammers to block the Wi-Fi signals between the routers and the mobile phones
    • These can be effortlessly executed in the cellular mobile phones
  • Challenges associated with the integration of the aerials in wearable and IoT platforms
    • As they have close handy vicinity to the users there are some challenges associated with the integration in wearable’s and the internet of things
    • We are suggesting the utility of the card reader and the importance of radio frequency interface is facing the challenges indulged with the noisy active aspect
    • Discover the replacement of chip aerials with electronic circuit boards and check the efficiency of the radiation as in smartwatches like apple watches
  • Undertaking the high concreteness of the 5G networks
    • Crowd approach is the best approach for the increasing of the density over the 5G networks and this framework provides the high coverage on mechanisms of wireless technologies
    • For having research on density instead of thinking as an obstacle we collate the mechanism with great efficiency, data link layer enhancements, and the management of connectivity-related aspects
    • The main aim of the CROWD approach is to construct the protocols with high density.

Our developers have listed out some of the emerging themes that are in the current trend. We have lots and lots have research ideas. If you have any queries regarding novel ideas, research ideas, and in-network development ns3 projects with source code. Please visit our site for relevant data to understand with our ns3 simulation examples.

Research Topics in Networking

  • Deep learning approach in the multi UAV assisted to the IoT networks
  • Deep learning approach allocation of resource and the energy-efficient mode selection
  • Bias in resource allocation in Cognitive radio networks and NOMA
  • Exploring the impact on the allocation of video streaming capacity over 5G UDN
  • Resource allocation based on the algorithm in multi-control 5G on SDN and NFV architecture

To summarize, we hope that you will understand the NS3 simulation phases and their functionalities, scopes in brief. It should be noted, we have a crew of experts who are immensely doing researches in the above-mentioned research areas and so many. Above all, we listed out the pinch of ideas for your reference but in reality, we are doing researches in wide aspect NS3 Simulation Examples. Feel free to approach us! We are always pleased to serve you with best network simulation tool. To be true, we are the number one in the industry who ensures the quality of the content with the time given.