ns2 project in Greece

Ns2 project in Greece

      Ns2 project in Greece the status of the sensor  is kept in the address space  of the sensor’s process and is checked when the sensor is encountered during execution of the application code The resident monitor receives trace data via ns2 project in Greece event recordsgenerated by sensors. Event records contain  a commandidentifier flagging the information as sensor data,  a sensornumber, identifying the reporting sensor, 3 the time atwhich this event was recorded, and  a sensor-specific value.Event ns2 project in Greece records are communicated to the resident monitor bynotification or by message.

     Communication by notificationimplies that the receipt of the record by the resident monitor is  synchronous with the execution of the sensor. Communication by ns2 project in Greece messageimplies that the composition and the receipt of the event record are asynchronous, since the message may be queued for an unknown period of time. When ns2 project in Greece collecting history information regarding the values of the variable Request-Queue-Size, ns2 project in Greece event records can be received asynchronously  if the resident ns2 project in Greece monitor need not immediately know about the occurrence of each change in the variable’s value.

      However, if the resident monitor has to ns2 project in Greece react immediately to the event that Request-Queue-Sizehas exceeded some threshold value, then it must be interrupted synchronously with the event A sampled sensorsimply returns a ns2 project in Greece single event record in response to a sampling request from a resident monitor, again by message or by notification A sampledsensorsimply returns a single event record in ns2 project in Greece response to a sampling request from a resident monitor, again by message or by notification.