ns2 project in Illinois

ns2 project in Illinois

        ns2 project in Illinois the Host interface is implemented with four tasks: inport,

outport, inmsg and outmsg. Inport receives packets

from the host. If the packet is a control packet, it is sent

to inmsg. If it is an ACK or a NAK, it is sent to ns2 project in Illinois outmsg.

Outport receives packets from outmsg and inmsg and sends

them to the host. Inmsg receives control ns2 project in Illinois packets from inport.

If the packet is not valid, it sends NAK to the host

through outport. If it is valid, it sends ACK to the host

through outport and the new interval to the ns2 project in Illinois motor task.

Outmsg receives speeds from the motor tasks and ACKs

and NAKs from inport. All of them are sent to the host.

The host has three tasks. phost is the main ns2 project in Illinois task and

phostin and phostout are input and output tasks for communication

with their corresponding tasks in the RSS host

interface. The embedded system was implemented in a

PARSYS SN9500 machine, a distributed memory parallel

machine based on Transputers with 8 ns2 project in Illinois processors. In this

machine the task communications are established through a

virtual channel network. RSS tasks were implemented over

4 processors. For simplicity in the case study, host tasks

were also implemented in the same ns2 project in Illinois machine using an extra

processor. According to the methodology, the relevant actionreaction

event couples which demand system responsemust

first be identified. The action events are the periodic

requests for speed-reading from the ns2 project in Illinois motor tasks to the

tacometer task. The reaction events are the arrivals at

outmsg task of ACKs coming from the host in response

to the emission of packets with speed data. A total of 16

kinds of events, one per motor, are considered. The transactions

or sequences of activities to be executed as system

responses to these events include all the ns2 project in Illinois activities executed

from the speed-reading request to the ACK reception from

the host. All 16 transactions considered ns2 project in Illinois in the analysis have

the same structure, as shown in Figure 9, corresponding to

the PDES behavioural model. he real-time constraints of each transaction in the case

study depend on the speed of the corresponding motor. The

deadline of each transaction has the same ns2 project in Illinois value as its period

of execution, as shown in Table 5, where Tra refers to the

transaction index and time is given in milliseconds. At this point, parameters and metrics considered in the

methodology are examined in order to check the temporal

behaviour of the system, give a diagnosis and proceed to

possible design improvements. Load ns2 project in Illinois parameters correspond to the periods of transactions.

Table 6 resumes the rest of the parameters: parameters of

the structural model, parameters of the behavioural model

and parameters of connection between the models. It shows

the mapping of tasks in processors, ns2 project in Illinois the mapping of activities

in the tasks and the number of blocks giving support to

the activities (Nb). Index i refers to transactions and activities

[i,1] are the only ones supported ns2 project in Illinois in various independent

blocks and tasks.