ns2 project in liverpool

Ns2 project in liverpool

      Ns2 project in Liverpool while the full four-step process presented in the previous section may be automated, it can be be simplified significantly ns2 project in liverpool for particular hardware and software configurations. Inthis section, we present the plan simplifications used for the three hardware configurations on which the monitor has ns2 project in Liverpool been implementedThe first configuration is a local area network containing Sun  machines and a Pyramid communicating over an Ethernet . Asdiscussed in, communication in such an environment is very expensive compared with processing time. Hence, ns2 project in Liverpool for this configuration, we apply the following heuristic: push analyses to the lowest level where they may be performed, thereby reducing communication as much ns2 project in Liverpool as possible.

       This decision is motivated by the experimental results presented next, and is justified elsewhere Inparticular, this heuristic can be shown to minimize perturbation ns2 project in Liverpool and latency simultaneously for this configuration with all but artificially complex view specifications. This heuristic ensures that analyses of monitoring ns2 project in Liverpool information possible within the same address space in which the required sensors are located will be performed locally.

      A resident monitor performs the analysis that ns2 project in Liverpool requires event records collected from different processes on its node, and the central monitor performs the analysis that requires event records from multiple machines. The experimental results regarding the perturbation experienced in the distributed implementation of the monitoring system described next rely on a distributed workload generator. In the experiment below, the generator’s configuration consists of two event generator processes, both of which are collocated on a single Sun workstation. A resident monitor is also ns2 project in liverpool located on the workstation, but the central monitor resides on a different workstation on the same subnet. Each event generator process generates up to randomly drawn events.