ns2 project in sydney

Ns2 project in Sydney


       Ns2 project in Sydney this idea is rather simple and al-lows for an easy metarule implementation by using the object level rule ns2 project in Sydney matc,her verbatim. However, this is probably inefficient since it forces the object level system to execute various phases of metarule evaluation and ns2 project in Sydney object level evaluation alternately through the rule evaluator. Essentially the rule evaluator is used to simulate the metarules. We should seek more efficient implementations than this approach suggests. Rather ns2 project in Sydney  than trying to compile metarules away in terms of the object level system, metarules might be processed as a separate body of code and data structures.

       This is the approach we adopt in PARADISER, and we describe this approach as a “twophase” metarule processing ns2 project in Sydney algorithm in the next two sections. We provide both centralized and distributed ns2 project in sydney versions of this method in some detail. Here the idea is that the object level system carries out its normal operation producing instances that are sent to the metarule matcher as messages. Data structures similar to those used in the network matchers are used to ns2 project in Sydney evaluate metarules.

      It is dearly an eager approach, and is designed especially for distributed evaluation cases. Why might this be a better approach than folding metarules into the object level system directly as outlined above since it incurs expensive instance communication overhead First, there may be no choice if one is using a distributed computing ns2 project in Sydney environment. Communication is a necessity and thus separating the metarule implementation from the object level implementation is more than sensible. Second, one ns2 project in sydney may wish to run a different set of metarules against the same object level rules.