ns2 project in Territories

ns2 project in Territories

        ns2 project in Territories this environment we

designed the parallel processing program on a parallel

computer clusters based on the programming rules of the

JIAJIA to process RS data through logical database ns2 project in Territories on the

background. JIAJIA is a virtual memory sharing (SVM) software

platform. The design of the parallel program should follow the

below rule. 1) It must be a SPMD (Single Program Multiple Data)

program structure that runs on all computers and ns2 project in Territories operates on different data. 2) It should adopt the memory sharing based programming, in which the sharing variable is exclusive in the

whole system and is shared by all computers and the private variable exists ns2 project in Territories in a single process and can only be accessed by one computer individually.

Image Extract: Background server calls the corresponding database table

based on the users’ request parameters such as information of

the image file, the wave band, the time, the region and so on.

2) Image Matching: Sewing up the overlapping tiles in the edges ns2 project in Territories of two

images[8]. 3) Image compressing: Compressing the extracted image into JPEG format,In this paper we ns2 project in Territories completed the application and experiment analysis on the efficiency of the SVM-based parallel servers

and the parallel program. The experiment environment is an Intranet that includes a parallel ns2 project in Territories computer clusters. Every computer in the intranet is a P