Wireless Network Simulation Projects are rendered by our research concern for students and scholars with an only motive on innovation and creativity in project ideas. Network simulation is the best way to evaluate the behavior and performance of protocols for wired and wireless networks. It provides cost effective and accurate results.

We have emphasized on Wireless-Network simulation in this article due to its widespread usage. There are many simulators for wireless networks, which makes it difficult to decide which simulator to choose. We have provided few major simulation tools along with few recent research topics for students to get an idea about Wireless Network Simulation Projects.

  • NS-2
  • NS-3
  • QualNet
  • OpNet
  • OmNet++
  • UWSim
  • Avvora
  • SENS
  • Castalia
Recent Research topics for Wireless-Network Simulation projects
  • The usage of an Assisted Speed-Up Mechanism also for Fast FinFET Device Simulation under Process-Voltage Variations
  • A new method also for Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Simulation of NoCs on Many-Core Architectures
  • The performance of the Scalable Approach also for Cyber-Physical System Simulation
  • An efficient mechanism also for Parallel GPU Architecture Simulation Framework Exploiting Architectural-Level Parallelism also with Timing Error Prediction
  • The performance of a face detection robotic system by also using the Multi-method modeling and simulation
  • A new method for Simulation Analysis of a Pulsed Compact FLTD System also for Large-Area Hard X-Ray Sources
  • Novel approach Integrated Visualization also for Simulation-Based Decision Support in Lighting Design
  • A usage of time-decoupled segments also for Parallel SystemC simulation
  • The performance of Estimation Method also for Unsteady Inflow Velocity in Two-Dimensional Ultrasonic-Measurement-Integrated Blood Flow Simulation
  • A new mechanism a Multi-Timescale Quasi-Dynamic Model also for Simulation of Cascading Outages
  • The new scheme for Compact Modeling of Phase-Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer also for Transient Phase Noise and Jitter Simulation
  • A new methodology for Quantifying probabilistic uncertainty also in smart grid co-simulation
  • The new Efficient process of Transient Electro-Thermal Simulation Framework also for Power Integrated Circuits
  • An efficient mechanism for Particle swarm optimization with Monte-Carlo simulation and also hypothesis testing for network reliability problem
  • A novel technology also for Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation-Driven Engineering for the ATLAS Data Acquisition Network

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